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Quick Tip: Installing MySQL on Fedora Linux

Installing MySQL on Fedora has never been easier than before. If you are a first timer who wants to know how to install MySQL on a Fedora server or desktop, follow this guide to successfully install both MySQL client and server only in three steps.

Before you proceed to the installation, the environment settings for the snapshot pictures of the installation are provided below:
OS: Fedora 13 64-bit
Prerequisites: yum is installed, commands invoked on root shell
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A Simple Adsense Sidebar Widget for WordPress

For those who visit this site to download the adsense sidebar widget for WordPress, I have some good news for you. I spent some hours to rewrite the widget and now release the code to public. This version offers the same functionality with the previous version which is displaying Google Adsense on the sidebar. However, it’s been known the previous version has compatibility problem with recent WordPress. If you’re a fan of simple widget, this one might also fit you.

More information about this widget is provided below:
Widget Name: Amikelive Google Adsense Widget
Widget Version: 0.5
Feature: Displaying Google Adsense on sidebar based on given Adsense info
Compatibility: WordPress > 2.8.x
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Samsung Galaxy, New Android Phone to Compete in the Smartphone Market

In World IT Show 2010 held at COEX, Seoul from May 25 to 28, 2010, Samsung also introduced its new Android smartphone named Galaxy A to Korean public. The product code name is SHW-M100S and the version is the equivalent of its sister Galaxy S which is to be sold outside Korea. Galaxy A is equipped with 720 MHz CPU and 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touch screen.

The above figure shows a photo capture of the smartphone. On the right side is the explanation of the features of the smartphone in Korean which is translated below:

  • Android OS 2.1
  • Improved responsiveness with touch screen
  • Android market
  • Convenient progressive UI (total user control of installed widget)
  • Android and Samsung-social hub widget
  • Personalized background settings
  • WVGA AMOLED screen
  • DivX player installed
  • Terrestrial DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)
  • External memory slot (8GB memory offered)

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World IT Show 2010: Towards The Era of 3D Media and Eco-Friendly Gadgets

From last May 25 to 28, a big annual event named World IT Show took place at COEX, Seoul. Even though most of the exhibitors in this event were Korean companies, it still retained the claim of a world-class event given that some participating exhibitors were big global enterprises like Samsung, LG, and SK. I happened to spare some time to visit the exhibition on the last day and would like to share some opinions based on my findings.

These recent years, Korea has evolved into a country where some cutting-edge technologies are invented along with other technological innovations and breakthroughs. Only within few decades, we have seen the growth both in size and capital of Korean companies. Samsung Electronics, for example, has been known as the world’s largest LCD monitor panel manufacturer. At the same time, Samsung is also known to be the world’s second largest cellular phone manufacturer according to Gartner, trailing only after Nokia. Other Korean companies also try to secure the competition in technology products or at least to gain some market share. LG, for example, has been known as a competitor for Samsung in the consumer electronics segments. It manufactures LCD panels, cell phones, and other electronic devices. In Korea alone, LG is also known as one of the telco providers, bundling their manufactured cellular phones with the telecommunication network services. SK could be a less familiar brand of an electronic device vendor to the global consumers, but its business is also sprawling over various sectors, including telecommunication, petrochemicals, engineering, IT consulting, and energy.
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Facebook’s Comment-by-Email Enhancement and Possibility of Future Privacy Violation

Facebook offers a new feature to its users which enable wall reply or comment directly from mailbox. This feature can be seen as another effort from Facebook to keep evolving and providing more convenience and a better user experience to more than its 400 million user base. From another perspective, however, concerns about security issue and the degree of exposure of this feature to user’s private data might be raised. As Facebook has been infamous for its inconsistent privacy policy, I would like to share some thought about this feature based on my quick finding.

The enhancement was observable in Yahoo mailbox. This enhancement might be observed in other third party email providers like Gmail or Hotmail, too. However, I can not guarantee the validity of the statement as I have no valid data.

To see the enhancement, you should opt-in wall or comment notification and configure the email client software to automatically display email content as HTML instead of plain text. Naturally, your Yahoo mailbox settings should have been configured to display HTML email by default. When you open the recent wall or comment notifications from Facebook, you will notice slight difference in the visual representation of the email. The notification email now also includes a text field in which you can type your comment and automatically post back to Facebook without having to log in first. The picture below shows the newly integrated text field.

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