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Quick Tip: Installing MySQL on Fedora Linux

Installing MySQL on Fedora has never been easier than before. If you are a first timer who wants to know how to install MySQL on a Fedora server or desktop, follow this guide to successfully install both MySQL client and server only in three steps.

Before you proceed to the installation, the environment settings for the snapshot pictures of the installation are provided below:
OS: Fedora 13 64-bit
Prerequisites: yum is installed, commands invoked on root shell
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MySQL 5.0: Recovering Crashed/Corrupted InnoDB Database

restore crashed InnoDBIf you are a frequent user of transactional database feature in MySQL, you must be familiar with InnoDB storage engine. Along with BDB, InnoDB provides transaction safe database within MySQL environment.

Nobody wants bad thing happens although it often does. Sometimes, power outage or internal system malfunction or even human error makes the database crashed or corrupted. This article will provide steps taken to recover corrupted InnoDB database based on real crash course experience within *NIX environment.

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How The IT Giant Competes In Ads

Reading ads from IT companies is always interesting. When a company grows big or the company is already a big player in the field, marketing and PR work in many occassions turns to be quite important, just like how a company emphasizes on outstanding product development during its early age.

Recently, I was so busy with my projects and hardly found time to read latest news or info from my mag and journal subscription. Surprisingly, in this May/June edition of Oracle Magazine which I just read, I found this very interesting ad in one page of the magazine.

Oracle Magazine ads May/June 2007

Hilarious!! This is not an ordinary ad. This is a direct-confrontation wrapped in a sweet ad candy.

I don’t know other parties’s reaction, but it will be fascin-IT-ing to see how IBM or Microsoft responds to this challenge.

Big companies always have their own creative mind.