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Jquery, the javascript framework

7 Reasons To Use Jquery As The Javascript Framework In Your Web 2.0 Apps

Jquery logoJavascript. Is it nightmare? I’m not a seasoned javascript developer myself but I can say that it’s sometimes nightmare especially when dealing with tedious DOM selection and cross browser compatibility workaround.

Good news is the javascript gurus out there always try to find new methods and best practices in dealing with javascript. Libraries and frameworks are developed and published. Best practices are evangelized. More tutorials are written. But still, for non programmers, it’s not that easy to get in touch and familiarized with javascript.

Until jquery comes.. (and you must believe me, I’m not associated with jquery team. I’m an independent writer).

What’s good with jquery? Will it suit your development platform, especially when building Web 2.0 where javascript is extensively deployed? You can read the following reasons and then decide yourself.

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