The Enterprise Service Bus: Making Service-Oriented Architecture Real

Enterprise solutions are often complex and heterogeneous. It is a perfect analogy of a system of systems. In this article, I provide a presentation delivered about Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The presentation is based on a paper of the identical title, authored by M. T. Schmidt et al.

The presentation summarizes the key points in the paper. It highlights the definition and concept of the ESB and the common cases where it can be applied to a certain problem domain. Later it discusses several common mediation and usage patterns that can be chosen as the most proper strategy in resolving the system integration problem.

By nature, this presentation is targeted to computer science researchers. However, software or system engineers who want to get a better grasp of the ESB concept may also find the presentation and the original paper useful.

You can download the presentation from the link below:

[download id=”627″]

2 thoughts on “The Enterprise Service Bus: Making Service-Oriented Architecture Real

  1. cobiacomm

    The presentation provides an excellent overview of patterns, mediation capabilities, meta-data, and registry integration that supports making SOA real. A key takeaway in the presentation; To make SOA real, teams must go beyond the ESB. I’ve been writing about how to make SOA real for the last ten years:


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