What We Can Do in The Cloud (Part 1)

This presentation was made back in 2010. Some parts of the content may have been irrelevant or obsolete as the technology progresses. However, this presentation can still be helpful especially for those who want to look closer into cloud computing concept and its implementation.

This is the first part of two presentations about cloud computing introduction I prepared back then. The primary intention was to give students some basic ideas about cloud computing project they could work on by providing pointers and resources they might use in their projects. This presentation highlights cloud services, virtualization concept and provides some information on how to use some cloud service offerings like those provided by Amazon through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Eucalyptus through Eucalyptus Community Cloud and Github through its Git repository service.

You can download the presentation from the link below:

What We Can Do in the Cloud (Part 1) (1303 downloads )

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