Yes, More Technology and Computer Science Related Contents Are Coming

During my research time back in the graduate school, I created presentations for papers I was reading. There were also some presentations I made for my own research purpose or classes where I assisted the teachings. Originally these resources were available at my personal webpage hosted by my research lab. However, somehow these resources have become inaccessible.

I believe that those resources will be helpful for computer science graduate students or those who are interested in the subjects elaborated through the presentations. I added new category, “Computer Science” that will primarily contain “serious reading materials” including the presentations I mentioned earlier or other articles related to computer science. Each post will be dedicated only for single presentation or article. This way, the discussion will be more focused and I can better respond the gleaning interests on the subject.

All presentations are provided in PDF format, if you want the original format in PPT, feel free to drop me a request through email.

You can expect that this will set the precedence for more technology related posts, either theoretical or practical to flow into this blog again.

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