Lessening the Technology Gap

It’s the end of August. The hot summer is still there but fall is creeping just like an infant and gathering its power to dominate the season. Some guys might just be back from their vacation and are now planning to achieve more productive results in the following months. Welcome back to the dock, mate!

I was on travel earlier this month, visiting my country, relaxing myself, and hoping to find some inspiration. In fact, i was brought some surprises during the visit. Figuratively speaking, I could feel how amazed the person who invented the time machine was when he travelled to the past.

I think I have been brought better understanding on why technology needs some time to penetrate. Geeks may find technology as a fancy toy to fiddle with daily but we live in a world of different interests. Although it’s apparently reasonable that technology will bring advancement which in turn will lead to better life, it’s still questionable whether such implication is amenable to the whole community. There is conflict of interest and solving such is much more difficult given the very dynamic nature of human.

My wild mind had me think about an opressive government with good deeds to lead the change and advocate the advancement of technology. However, history has shown that opression never let other parties (call them NGOs, some other countries, etc) become silent and ignorant to the type of governance. So, I’m not sure if I have already found the answer to lessening the technology gap between less developed country and more developed country within shorter timeframe without the existence of strict ruler.

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