What We Can Do in The Cloud (Part 2)

This presentation was made back in 2010. Some parts of the content may have been irrelevant or obsolete as the technology progresses. However, this presentation can still be helpful especially for those who want to look closer into cloud computing concept and its implementation.

This is the last presentation from the series about cloud computing introduction. This part contains information about Google App Engine (GAE) and Hadoop quick-starts. Those who are interested in building their applications on top of GAE PaaS may find this presentation helpful. Obviously GAE has undergone some changes since 2010. So, please reflect to their changes accordingly. Similarly, those who are Hadoop first-timers may be curious about the its concept and how to use it in the big data realm.

You can download the presentation from the link below:

What We Can Do in the Cloud (Part 2) (1225 downloads )

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