Quick Update: Working on the Next Release of Amikelive Adsense Widget

I have been away for a while from posting contents on this blog. I was a little bit occupied with exciting things at work. However, don’t worry. I don’t abandon the projects I started and am always trying to find some spare time to update them.

As you notice, there are errors with Amikelive Adsense Widget. It seems that the plugin has stopped working since Google updated their Adsense interface. I am now working on the fix and also complete some new features that I was working on but had to be temporarily stopped because of other activities. I hope I can post a new release at WordPress plugin repository this week.

Stay tune!

3 thoughts on “Quick Update: Working on the Next Release of Amikelive Adsense Widget

  1. Brian McNeil

    Delighted to see this is now functioning fine on 3.3.1; well, it is for me at least.

    I do have a minor change request though. I’m no fan of fixed-width WordPress themes, and find that a slight drawback with the placement of ads. Google as-yet don’t offer any ads with a variable width component (give them time,…); so, until that development, would it be possible to have a “Centre in sidebar” Y/N option>

    That way as the sidebar grows, the advert sits in the middle of it.

    You can probably guess from looking at Wikinewsie.org I’m still getting to grips with a few aspects of styling the site. Using a homebrew child theme of Calotropis, some of that’s ‘trial and error’, but people learn best by doing.


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