Happy Easter (and finally some updates)

Hi fellas,

How was your easter going? I hope it was great. This easter I got a lot of easter eggs (at least to eat them all at once) and It was really fun. I notice how the culture differs between countries and it’s really fascinating to see and live with the Korean culture, the whole new things which I never experienced before.

On the other way, I’m also a bit sad because this blog seems a bit abandoned. These recent days, circle of events occured and forced me to rearrange priorities. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about this blog at all. I have a lot of To-Dos piling up in my reminder program and my notes. I hope and I do hope that the list will be checked one by one but I also realize that I have to be wiser and manage things and time more effectively. This has been issues for a while and I’m now still working on it.

Anyway, finally I’m now a student again. During the sabbatical, I had come to a conclusion that advanced studies might help in making me grasping the bigger figure of my interest. While this opinion might not hold true for every single person, in my case, I don’t regret this decision (or until this time, I haven’t regretted the decision). Sure, there is big difference between the academic environment and the industry. However, some experiences I got during my past work turn to be helpful in my academic study and I am now step-by-step identifying the bigger picture.

Hence, I’d also like to inform that the-state-of-being-a-student-again somehow inspires me to enhance the plan on what should I present to the community through my web page. This will reflect in streams of updates in this website. Other than my toys (read: PHP-based apps), I’d also like to put some white papers, ideas, or other kinds of work which could be helpful for someone out there. Certainly, I’ll also put copyright and licenses into consideration (especially when it’s related with other’s work) when publishing things on my site.

I also notice some comments here and stacks of emails in my inbox. I will read and provide sufficient reply following this post. So, we’ll get in touch soon.

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