A Glimpse of Evolving Zend Framework 1.5

Fellow developers may have noted that Zend released their Zend Framework 1.5 (including the 1.5.1 branch) last March. As a person who was away from ZF development milestone for a while (and when i was back i noticed bunches of emails in the mailing list), it’s interesting for me to see the changes made in the framework. I come up with a slideshow presentation which is grabbed from the ZF homepage.

Interesting feature sets from this release are Open ID integration and the availability of Zend_Form. When I was building my application on the beta platform or the first stable release, creating advanced form with complex view was quite a problem. I will delve more into current source code and documentation and see the logic and approach behind this component. It will also be interesting in finding the approach for ajax interaction model. Regarding Open ID, it’s great that it’s finally bundled in the framework. I believe, Open ID will be more widely adopted and Zend has played its role by supporting the technology in its Framework.

Congratulations to all Zend Framework developers. I hope I will start contributing especially on solving the performance issues.

2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Evolving Zend Framework 1.5

  1. Wil Sinclair

    Glad to hear you’re getting a chance to dig in to 1.5.
    You might be interested to find out that we’re planning a full performance audit in the coming months. Resources at Zend have been allocated, and we hope the community will have some suggestions for which areas to test with what kinds of applications.


  2. Tech Admin Post author

    Hi Wil,
    Thank you for visiting. I have also read about the plan in the mailing list. Since I’m now putting some concerns on performance issues over protocols and applications, it will be exciting to provide some test cases for performance analysis or recommendation for performance improvement. I’ll see what’s going on in the list and issue tracker and hope to come with something more real than just a blog post


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