IBM To Bundle PHP Apps With System I

I got an email from my colleague about IBM’s plan to bundle PHP apps with System I. About System I itself, it’s a new business system with multiple OS support (IBM i5/OS, MS Windows, Linux, and IBM AIX 5L) and hardened security. System I is the successor of legendary AS/400 machine. More info about System I can be found at the homepage:

IBM is looking for proposals from PHP developers to get a list of prospective apps to bundle. This is an interesting opportunity for PHP developers to show off their talent and skills. This offer is regional. Please contact your nearest IBM office to get more details about this offer.

2 thoughts on “IBM To Bundle PHP Apps With System I

  1. Tech Admin Post author

    Hi Alan,
    I got this news from my colleague working at IBM Asia. I’m not really sure if the same program was applied for IBM USA.


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