Adsense Widget For WordPress Sidebar: Updated Version

I use Adsense widget for WordPress Sidebar from Mike Smullin in this technology blog. It’s a simple widgetized plugin and I really like its simplicity. I was never bugged by this plugin until today when I found strange behavior when using this plugin for WordPress > 2.3.1. If I updated other widget positions and then tried to click configuration values for this plugin, I got empty form. Initially, I thought the configuration values were not saved properly and somehow missing (although later I found out that the data was still saved in the database, it was just not displayed). Hence, I decided to do further investigation and spend some time to provide bug fixes.

Today, I logged in to my Google Adsense account and tried to create new ad campaign. Surprisingly, it seemed that Google has simplified their Adsense parameters. Lucky for me, this was a perfect coincidence. I got double shots: first, fixing bugs in the plugin and then updating the plugin to be compatible with the most recent Google Adsense setup.

As a result, you can download the updated plugin from this link.

Update 1: you can now get the recently updated version from this link (This version is compatible with WordPress 2.7.x or older)

Update 2: for users running WordPress version 2.8 or newer, you can download the widget from this link

Instruction for activating and using this plugin is available in Mike’s post with some exception that the plugin configuration for Adsense is now much simpler.

Update: For WordPress >=2.6, simply unzip the file and then upload it to the plugins folder. Next, you need to activate the plugin by clicking “Plugins” menu on your admin dashboard. You can later use and modify this plugin by navigating to “Design” > “Widget” and add Google Adsense widget to the list of current widgets. Before using it at the first time, you should configure it by clicking on the “Edit” link followed by clicking “Save Changes” button.

Please tell Mike that his plugin has been updated and please tell this Mike if you like this update by commenting to this post.

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