People Like To Know More Good Stuff

Happy new year to everybody. The fireworks, feasts, and crowd during the new year’s eve are over. It’s now time start planning and executing in the brand new year. As the past is always a good teacher and reference, i’ll put last year’s statistics summary for this blog:

2007 stats for

2007 traffic summary for

As I started writing more regularly, I saw more traffic coming  my blog. I’m happy that traffic during December was the maximum traffic I got throughout the year. Hence, the simple conclusion I take is people are eager to see more good stuff posted and more info delivered. I have set my goals for this year. I hope that this year will be another chapter of this blog where I see more responses in the comment section and loads of visiting logs in the footnotes. Moreover, asides from taking this blog to the next level, I aim to finally release my applications and other stuff I made and will make and see smile from people when they enjoy my creation.

So, stay tune!

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