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Google’s Pacman Doodle and the New Era of Interactive HTML

For the first time, Google put interactive doodle on the homepage. The doodle is the reinterpretation of the popular Pacman game created back in 1980. The interactive doodle will be on the Google homepage for 48 hours, starting from May 21st to May 22nd, 2010. According to the news released by the company, the doodle was associated with the 30th anniversary of Pacman game which was first launhed to public on May 22nd, 1980.

While you might have enjoyed playing the game, you might also be interested in getting to know why it is now possible to play game on an image. Yep, if you right click on the doodle and save it into a file, you will see an image like one depicted as the following:

Pacman doodle initial picture

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Whitepaper: More On Ajax Internals and Their Related Issues

As a set of technologies, AJAX is built on top of components interconnected to serve a better web experience. The components of AJAX are stylesheet language, javascript, DOM, and XML. This whitepaper will discuss each component and present issues pertaining to its deployment. For more profound and detailed discussion, readers are welcome to visit the cited references or find other reliable sources.

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More On Ajax Internals and Their Related Issues (4528 downloads )

Whitepaper: Some Issues on Ajax Invocation

In today’s modern web a.k.a web 2.0, we have seen how Ajax is used to provide more responsive web applications thus giving better user experience. However, as each technology always springs up new problem with its invocation, the same also applies to Ajax.

This whitepaper will give brief overview about issues related to Ajax invocation. More profound discussion and detailed explanation can be found in the cited references or other publications.

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Some Issues on Ajax Invocation (3435 downloads )