Community Builder Advanced Search (Modified Version) Bugtrack and Wishlist

Community Builder Advanced SearchBeing away from the web development world for a while has given me some real life experiences which I’m afraid I couldn’t get only by sitting in from of my laptop tinkering with codes. And now, after quite some time, I feel recharged to do some work and continue the development of my abandoned app and projects.

Noticing that my modified version of CB advanced search gets attention even the modification is minor, I’d like to add more effort on it by providing simple bugtrack and wishlist. As simple is relative to someone’s point of view, I’ll clarify that the bugtrack and wishlist will be as simple as single wordpress’ entry, without messing up with 3rd party apps.

Bugs and wishlist will be compiled from comments in my blog. Please add your comment to this post if you have suggestion, bug report, or concern about this component. I’ll later manually put entry to this post consisting verified bugs to resolve and wishlist to work at.

Component name: Community Builder Advanced Search modified version


  • Joomla 1.0.13
  • Joomla 1.5 RC 3 with legacy mode enabled (Notice: after some tests, I don’t recommend to use this component on Joomla 1.5 platform)

Bug list:

  • B0000 :Rechecking and verifying compatibility with Joomla and CB versions
  • B0001 :Adding template compatibility for Joomla 1.5
  • B0002 :Error message pops up when configuring component for the first time, reporting that age limits are wrong, even if birthday interval search is not checked
  • B0003 :Component configuration is not saved in Joomla 1.5


  • W0001 :Filter to show search result only for online members

Update Tracker:

  • Component is verified to be compatible with default Joomla 1.0.13 installation [20071201]
  • Adding bugs B0001 – B0003 [20071227]

15 thoughts on “Community Builder Advanced Search (Modified Version) Bugtrack and Wishlist

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  2. Adam Pinkworth

    Unless I’m being dumb (and I can’t see any sign of this being present in the code) the CB Advanced Search component only searches the default user list. It would be good if it did (the basic search built into CB does this correctly). Cheers Adam

  3. Etienne

    I like this very much but I seem to have run into a problem. The age interval search seems to work only for birthdays after 1970/01/01. Is there a way to make it work with the cb_age field, ie using the actual age rather than the birthday?


  4. Tech Admin Post author

    it will be added into to do list. Actually I’m thinking about rewriting the component but there is stack of work queue. I’ll decide later if this component is worth a rewrite

    This is actually problem with how the birthday field is presented in Community Builder. Anyway, the latest Community Builder has addressed this problem by handling birthday date not using Unix timestamp (which starts from 1970/01/01). I’ll try to find time to synchronize both components later.

  5. Chat


    I tried using your version of advanced search a couple months back but never could get it to work.

    I’m still using the regular advanced search component which is a mess. My main issue is that if you pull multiple pages of results and you click “next” or “page2” you get a page that shows 0 results. My next issue is the fact that if you click on a profile then hit the back button you get a “page can’t be found” error making you reenter your search criteria again.

    Are these issues resolved in your version of the advanced search?

    I did happen to find a site that appears to have found a way around these issues called jeneration. I’ve sent them an email to see if I can get some info for it, but if you’ve already fixed these issues with your version I may try and muscle my way through installing it again.

  6. Tech Admin Post author

    Thank you for your feedback. Once my new version of CB advanced search is ready, I will publish it for initial test until it reaches stable version.

  7. andy

    Any update on this? I’m waiting with bated breath LOL.

    The knew cb1.2rc has searchable userlists but its still crap. I don’t understand why they don’t just build a component like this into CB and be done with it!

  8. Tim

    I’m getting the following problem – when I search for females, it returns only females. But when I search for males, it returns both males and females. Can you recommend a way to fix this problem? Thanks!

  9. praful

    Search all your Profile fields
    (You can search as specifically as you like on ANY of your Community Builder fields!)

    1. CB Core Search is an advanced Community Builder Profile search for Joomla 1.5.
    2. This component will allow your users to search CB profiles for any field that you have defined as Searchable in CB Field Manager such as Name, User Name, Age, Date of birth, Place, City, Country, Area, Email, Marital status, gender and anything from your Defined fields in CB Field Manager.
    3. This component will allow your user the option to search according to there requirements, and specified criteria result.
    Like, You can select one or more criteria to search, such as all member within a particular Age range in a Certain City, either Male or Female and so on… whatever you want.

    CB Core Search is a must required for any Community Builder Portal!

  10. Vivian

    I got cb core search and it has a problem doing age range. It does NOT work. It returns a text box in the place for cb_birthday field, and it doesn’t even let an age search happen. Something is wrong in the default.php. I submitted a support ticket and am waiting for the sellers of this plugin to fix it. I also had to fix a line in the code to go to the correct url when clicked on a user’s avatar and username, as it is coded incorrectly and led to a 404 notfound. That was easy fix, but I cannot figure out the php problem with the cb_birthday.

    Besides that, cb core search works great with joomla 1.5. If seedcore can fix the cb_birthday problem, THEN it will be the answer everyone has been searching for, providing age range on joomla 1.5 and latest cb.


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