Statistical Data of Year 2008 for This Blog and Plan for 2009

It’s been two years since I managed to write my concerns, opinions, and thoughts about technology-related topics in my own blog, which is this blog. Although the blog was originally intended to be supplementary since it’s not the main part of my future plan, it has evolved to be the façade, main terrace of a partly unveiled palazzo.

It has captured its own audience, visitors coming mainly from search engine results page using several keywords. This is mainly because I exerted minimum marketing and public relation in order to analyze how prospective the blog itself if it only relies on third party marketing, hence search engine crawl results and people discussing one of my posts and then put a link to the original content. Efforts put to expose this blog to broader audience may seem to be minimal. By seeing traffic statistics during year 2008, however, the trend infers positive outlook, a signal for me as the blog author to keep posting quality posts containing valuable information for people who might need it, avid tech blog readers, or just random visitors happen to drop by.

Traffic statistics for Amikelive blog 2008

Traffic statistics for Amikelive blog 2008

Talking about randomness, I’m really fascinated about some data collected by Alexa. If you see the picture below, you might have already grasped what I wanted to say. The picture shows that more than 50% of the blog visitors come from various countries. This can be interpreted as either bad signal or good signal. If one assumes it’s bad signal, it will be because the blog has failed to localize its niche and still gets bewildered to find its targeted demographic audience. This assumption is commonly related with the opportunity to monetize the blog as more targeted demographic audience attracts more advertisers. The good signal assumption, on the other hand, considers the fact as an indication that the content is globally acceptable and it has leveraged the notion of universal posts thus keeping doing so might entice more diverse audience. To which assumption I’m inclined is kept untold for now. It will be clear as the blog progresses with the upcoming posts.

Amikelive blog visitors 2008

Amikelive blog visitors 2008

It’s really nice to see people coming and commenting on my posts despite the frequency of monthly posts. I should have written more topics not only to attract more visitors but also to remind myself that I ever had interest on such topics and wrote my concern and thought about my finding and where I stood after my analysis. Although it’s a classical issue that dedicated time for posting a blog post is not unlimited and writing good blog post is not as easy as flipping the palm, I still couldn’t overcome such constraints – or I simply didn’t put sufficient effort to manage to handle them. This year, it will be nice to set some targets so that I will keep being reminded and focus to achieve the target. Referring to Alexa, traffic for this blog (including its parent domain) is at position 600 thousand-th. I will set the target by creating two milestones. The first milestone is to go position 300 thousand-th and the second one is to go to position 150 thousand-th. We will see whether all milestones, one of the two, or neither of the two will be achieved by the end of this year.

How about the pagerank? Recent update from Google showed that the pagerank for this blog has been dropped to zero. Thanks to Google for the very special new year’s gift, considering this blog ever reached highest pagerank 4 before it was constantly demoted. I won’t despise Google for this relegation or create another story about unfairness in page rank evaluation. As long as the search result pages still drive visitors to the blog, I won’t complain so much. I consider the pagerank issue less important and I can work on it later.

Besides this blog, I’d like to realize my plans that have been frozen for a while (err, actually for years) and struggle to execute my future plan – some are unrelated to web thingy. It will be tough this year but I have been given the ultimate weapons I need, optimism and knowledge. Now, I just need to catch the persistence.

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