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Check Time Machine When MacOS Does Not Show the Actual Free Disk Space

In this post, we will explore a small quirk of MacOS. The title should be self-explanatory but might not be so obvious to heavy GUI users. Let’s take a closer look into this seemingly-feature-not-bug behavior on MacOS.

Time Machine is a built-in tool on MacOS for performing partial or full system backup. Time Machine works by taking snapshots of the system and storing those snapshots at external storage devices connected to the machine. To restore the backup, another built-in tool named Migration Assistant is used. Both Time Machine and Migration Assistant are GUI tools. These built-in tools enable users to conveniently transfer or migrate the content of an old Mac, be it documents, user accounts and settings, to a new Mac.

A full backup created with Time Machine can be restored by Migration Assistant through simple GUI-based flow. The process of copying all files from old Mac to the new Mac handled by Migration Assistant is performed with minimum user intervention. This really saves the time compared to performing the data transfer or copying manually. Continue reading