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In The Realm of Passwordless Authentication With OpenID (Featuring Vidoop)

How many sites do you visit regularly? How many times do you repeat the process of inputting username and password? Are you a regular visitor of “Forget your password?” link or you vehemently deny, saying you always remember all your passwords because they are all the same or follow the same pattern?

I Can Not Remember Passwords

You might say, “Are you kidding me, or you’re plainly a moron?” Yes, I probably am. During my early ages with internet, services offered were not that many and diverse like todays. I mainly used internet to check my email, hence remembering password was not a problem because I apparently used single password (or two for my other account).

Internet evolves, applications are built. New sites emerge everyday. I read news and article about new technology especially on websites and web apps. Another Joe said site A was cool because it offered yada-yada service. I dropped a visit, took a demo, and was eager to use the service offered. But it’s not free even it’s free (or it’s free with limitation if money is the term), i should be authenticated and authorized to use the service, hence registration (+payment) and another username-password pair.

After years, I found out that I had collected hundreds of username-password pairs. Hundreds? Yes, for sure. Credentials for e-payment should be different with the ones used in forums, emails, or other less critical service. Unfortunately,remembering which pair to be used in a site was and is always PITA. After being a regular patient of “Forget your password?”, I decided to organize login credentials so that I would never forget and could easily find out the username/password for a website/service. How?

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