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Questioning the Future Web

Hi folks. The web 2.0 buzz is not over yet. We still see how old webs are transformed into more catchy and responsive web 2.0. We see extensive usage of gradation colors and light color schemes for the user interfaces. We also see how social networking applications are built which rely on user-centric contribution (or distributed contribution) instead of the old centralized and wholly administered classic webs.

Still, the web is evolving today as it was in the past. At the surface, we see how the paradigm toward the existence of web has shifted. Thanks to all web advocates who provide good reasonings to the management so that web is accepted as a part of the industry, a powerful marketing means, company’s brand and front-office. Thanks to all web PRs who provide shelters for information seekers and access for contributors in their managed and promoted sites. Thanks to all of us because we have contributed to the spreading of web evangelization, either voluntarily or paid, consciously or unconsciously, by adding contents to webs we visit, social apps we use, forums we participate, etc. We have helped the web to evolve and the evolution will resort to revisiting the web terminology, web infrastructures. We are questioning the future web. What will the future web look like? What will the future web serve us?

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