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To Be Eternally Secure Is Nonexistent

Once said that high trees are prone to swift wind. When it comes to managing website, increasing traffic in most cases leads to increasing security threats. Even though the website contains good content and is useful to certain niche or broader audience, no exact guarantee can be made that the site is 100% secure, fully shielded and armored and will never be compromised. Site owner will never know how much his site attracts undaunted cyber ghosts to come and test the site’s security.

Since internet is the biggest library, one can get information about security breach in certain application quickly in easy manner. Search engines provide all the information, either good or bad, and perform quick search for keyword. With sufficient knowledge of exploiting search engine, one can locate where the security breach is, find the target sites, and test the water until the site gets compromised. With such easy access to exploits and hacking tools, one doesn’t need to be tech savvy to manually find the security holes. It will be even easier when the target sites use popular open source solutions because all bugs and holes are documented.

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Adsense Widget For WordPress Sidebar: Updated Version

I use Adsense widget for WordPress Sidebar from Mike Smullin in this technology blog. It’s a simple widgetized plugin and I really like its simplicity. I was never bugged by this plugin until today when I found strange behavior when using this plugin for WordPress > 2.3.1. If I updated other widget positions and then tried to click configuration values for this plugin, I got empty form. Initially, I thought the configuration values were not saved properly and somehow missing (although later I found out that the data was still saved in the database, it was just not displayed). Hence, I decided to do further investigation and spend some time to provide bug fixes.

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People Like To Know More Good Stuff

Happy new year to everybody. The fireworks, feasts, and crowd during the new year’s eve are over. It’s now time start planning and executing in the brand new year. As the past is always a good teacher and reference, i’ll put last year’s statistics summary for this blog:

2007 stats for

2007 traffic summary for

As I started writing more regularly, I saw more traffic coming  my blog. I’m happy that traffic during December was the maximum traffic I got throughout the year. Hence, the simple conclusion I take is people are eager to see more good stuff posted and more info delivered. I have set my goals for this year. I hope that this year will be another chapter of this blog where I see more responses in the comment section and loads of visiting logs in the footnotes. Moreover, asides from taking this blog to the next level, I aim to finally release my applications and other stuff I made and will make and see smile from people when they enjoy my creation.

So, stay tune!