The Task Isn’t Over Yet

Last week I had successfully secured my domain by renewing it for another three years (nobody might want to backorder this domain, but just in case…). Renewing domain ownership should practically be a casual activity, less likely deterrent, and slightly motivational -to certain degree, people have tendency to keep stuff they don’t really need- but for me it’s absolutely on purpose.

The main motivation is the pending agenda or let’s say it in a more intense emphasis: compulsory To-Do list which has been there for a while but now is piling consistently due to dynamic changes of priorities. Achieving a balance in physics is theoretically easy compared to real-world scenario. I have been striving to designate academic or class enrollment, research and writing papers, personal research and writing applications, and personal life in balanced portions but the they are still unaligned. This sometimes makes me think that the great people in history were really great at their time because they are capable of finding the secret of self-alignment and control over time space, prevailing their peers, and maintaining the consistency of the predomination regardless of dynamic changes to their surrounding.

It’s not easy to notice that there are  some people out there waiting for my contribution in some projects I previously chimed in. Added that I have also put idle some of my personal projects, some “future-prospect” questions may arise. But, I’d like to restate that I realize the task isn’t over yet. I’m now still unloading the stack while at the same time trying to find the key of harmonious prioritization. And I will still be here, at least three years from now.

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