Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Gist of New Logo

It’s been a while since I started working on my homepage and applications. It’s been a long run and it still needs more time before I’m confident that my application site is ready to be used and reviewed by the internet citizens. It has been fun though, because this time I’m about to bear and grow my own baby. So, this time I put aside the necessity of raising financial support from this project (but if it attracts financial bodies to chime in and leverage, the story may continue to another chapter). However, I was stuck on a part of the development process which prevents me from going further, the design essentials.

Speaking its visual emphasis, design has important role in constructing user’s perception and establishing identity for a brand or product. I believe that a design that is visually appealing -besides content and user experience- can bring intangible benefit for brand or product owner. “Appealing” may vary in terms and is probably subjective in nature. However, with such innate sense of art, one might measure how acceptable and eye-catching a design would be. Adding uniqueness and profound meaning behind the composition, the design can also develop certain level of association which in the end will help the process of branding.

Now, I’ll project this abstract theory in the process of redesigning my logo. Although I’m not that gifted in art and never took formal art course in the past, I realize that my previous logo is not eye-catching and tends to be lousy. Too amateurish, to put it in another phrase. I did need a new logo to better represent my online presence. Hence, I sat back in front of my laptop, wrote concept for the logo, and started fiddling with Photoshop. The change is not major when it comes to the presentation of the logo. What I changed was the composition of the color and how the characters are presented in the logo. And now, I dare to say that I have a better logo (although I still need to solve the ripple problem around the edge of transparent logo). Following this change, the favicon.ico icon has also been changed.

New logo

This new logo accentuates gold “M” in its oval region. I hope with such color, there will be more and more golden ideas and perspectives flowing into my hemispheres so that I can articulate them in quality content and creation.

Yes, This Blog Is OpenID Enabled

I have seen comments flowing to my blog and it’s nice to see that some come from people who know what they are talking about and have been in their field for significant time (This means that they are pretty popular and have audience listening to their advices). Anyway, since the internet is shielded with anonymity and there is not such visible way to prove that it was the same person leaving the remark and not another Joe claiming the fame, a workaround needs to be arranged to address this issue.

Thanks to WordPress because there is OpenID plugin available so that it less time is consumed to develop a custom solution and the nitty-gritty of authentication problem is partially solved. Hence, if you’re stumbling on this blog and would like to leave some comments regarding the content of the article, i’d like to thank you while hoping you to authenticate using OpenID so that I know that the comment is authorized.

In the meantime, you can read my article about OpenID  which provides basic information about OpenID.