Monthly Archives: November 2007

Community Builder Advanced Search (Modified Version) Bugtrack and Wishlist

Community Builder Advanced SearchBeing away from the web development world for a while has given me some real life experiences which I’m afraid I couldn’t get only by sitting in from of my laptop tinkering with codes. And now, after quite some time, I feel recharged to do some work and continue the development of my abandoned app and projects.

Noticing that my modified version of CB advanced search gets attention even the modification is minor, I’d like to add more effort on it by providing simple bugtrack and wishlist. As simple is relative to someone’s point of view, I’ll clarify that the bugtrack and wishlist will be as simple as single wordpress’ entry, without messing up with 3rd party apps.

Bugs and wishlist will be compiled from comments in my blog. Please add your comment to this post if you have suggestion, bug report, or concern about this component. I’ll later manually put entry to this post consisting verified bugs to resolve and wishlist to work at.

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